Hi friends! It’s come to my attention that not everyone who visits the site also follows us on social media! If you’re not- please do! That is typically where I post our financial updates, pictures of the warrior shirts and other facts about childhood cancer. BUT- let me provide a March, April and May financial update for you! 

March: We launched March 8, 2018, for the month of March, we were able to donate $124.89 to CURE Childhood Cancer. (30% of ALL profit) YAY! Started off great!

April: Donated $73.13 to CURE Childhood Cancer (30% of ALL profit!)

May: Donated $57.93 to Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (May is brain tumor awareness month) and again, 30% of ALL profit

Starting June 1st, Fourth and Gold decided to up our donation percentage to 50% of ALL profit to childhood cancer research. We strongly believe that we are going to change the research world of childhood cancer and that it’s going to start with US. 

Please consider shopping with us to help us continue to raise awareness and money for research. We are SO grateful for all of you who already do. Also, please know that every time you purchase something, it helps us send a warrior battling cancer their own FREE t-shirt, along with us donating 50% of ALL profit to childhood cancer research. SO much good happens with just 1 purchase!

If you’re not following us on social media, go ahead and do so!

Instagram: Fourth_And_Gold_LLC

Facebook: @Fourthandgoldllc 



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