What is Fourth and Gold?

Have you ever watched a football game and your favorite team was driving, only to stall out on the goal line? It’s 4th and goal, you know you need 7 points, but you also know the coach isn’t known for taking risks. “GO FOR IT!” You shout, knowing nobody can hear you. 

Unlike your favorite football team, Fourth and Gold is going for the score- we are going for the CURE of childhood cancer every single time.

Fourth and Gold is a registered Florida non-profit foundation founded March 8th, 2018. Our mission at Fourth and Gold is to advocate for more research funding for childhood cancer and our goal is to fund and find a more humane cure for childhood cancer. Currently, The National Institute of Health only provides 4% of all research funding to childhood cancer. You see, the truth is, if you’re not connected within the childhood cancer community, you likely don’t understand the harsh reality of it. Up until 2 sentences above, you probably didn’t know that the National Institute of Health only allots for 4% of all research funding for childhood cancer, that only 3 new treatments have come out since 1980 for childhood cancers and that many of the kids are on clinical studies because there hasn’t been an effective regimen for their type of cancer released.

                How does Fourth and Gold help?

From March 2018 to June 2020, every month, Fourth and Gold donated 50% of our proceeds from our online shop to our non-profit childhood cancer research foundations. We also host events and fundraisers where we raise money and donate it back to research. To date, we’ve raised and donated over $15,000. 

As of July 1st 2020, Fourth and Gold will be funding our own research grants and working diligently to find a cure for childhood cancer. 

 So who is behind the scenes of Fourth and Gold?

Hi! My name is Erin. I’m a pediatric oncology nurse and I absolutely live for my career. I found out at a young age what set my soul on fire, and I committed to it, getting me to where I am today. I hear this often: “if you’re a nurse working with kids with cancer, why the foundation?” This might sound crazy… but being a pediatric oncology nurse is much different than being an advocate for more research funds. When I step foot into work, I can use the technology, resources and medicine that I’m provided with to chemically heal a child from their cancer. If we’re lucky, the chemotherapy works. If we’re not… well, this is why I’m here advocating.

 The tug of advocating for these kids is here every single morning and late at night when I can’t fall asleep because I know that we can change this. The heart and soul behind Fourth and Gold  is making you aware of the unfair fight that the children are up against and fighting like crazy to make it change.

Are you still reading? If you are, you know that I’ve already read the above story 77 times, backspaced, re-wrote, deleted and then just kept going. I’m an over-thinker. I get anxious more than I’d like. If I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about or taking care of your child, I pray for them daily. My dog, Fynn, is my best friend and he’s rolling his eyes as I’m typing this. My idea of a fun Saturday night is watching Dateline ID and getting into bed by 9:30. I write a lot because it brings me comfort. Fall is my favorite time of the year because the Jacksonville Jaguars have my heart (for better or worse) and there’s nothing more I love than spending the weekends with family and friends watching them play. Y’all- life is messy and ultimately short. So take your biggest desires, passions  dreams, and then go fight like crazy to make them reality.