Finding Your Passion During Quarantine

Have you ever felt like you had a longing or a creative mind for something, but you could never find the time for it? You’ve always put your needs last and let’s face it… you’re probably committed to your job or your family first, right? It’s not right or wrong… it’s just what you’ve always done.

We’ve officially been in quarantine for 1,577 years. We’ve had more time on our hands than we know what to do with- myself included. On the days I’m not at the hospital, I find myself living in a continuous day of repeat. I get up with the best of intentions of conquering the day, saving the world, self care spa days… and then I remember this whole social distancing, stay at home order and I settle on the couch with my book and think, how much longer can I do this?

I woke up Friday, no different than Thursday, with a growing frustration at my current situation. I need change. I need something more. What if this carries into the summer? I start to get worked up and then think- but why? What will getting worked up do for me?

The last two weeks I’ve watched time be on our sides. I’ve watched us all enjoy the first week of quarantine and now grow increasingly antsy at the anticipation of repeating the same thing over and over again. I’ve read about and know of hard working Americans losing their jobs, hours being cut and seniors who walked out of high school a month ago not knowing it was their last day ever. There’s no sugar coating the situation we’re in- it’s full of fear, uncertainty, tension and exhaustion.

But with all the negatives that are flowing into us, what if we could use this time to find the positive and dig into our passion or better yet, find our passion? You already know what mine is- childhood cancer awareness and football. I spend most of my time bringing awareness to childhood cancer, but I also love writing and reading about football- something I’m rarely ever able to do now (Hit me up, ESPN). After the 2020 NFL draft, I dug into some film of the Jaguars newest CB CJ Henderson. I was able to spend a few hours learning how he plays the game, what is his best strength and what he will continue to improve on. I had an incredible few hours doing that, and it was truly what my heart loves.

Instead of waking up everyday with the same mindset and the same day, what if we spend everyday we are in quarantine finding out what we truly love? Do you know what you truly love? Have you been so laser focused on what you do, you don’t even know who you are or what brings you the greatest joy?

I’ve had this conversation with a few people and one incredible person has finally channeled her passion of helping people into a new life coaching business, yadigna. If you know her, you know her passion and gift is listening to people during their most vulnerable times and digging them out of the mud. I can tell you 5 people off the top of my head who’s life I know she’s changed just based on her passion. If the quarantine was not currently in effect, she would not have this time to work on Yadigna, further pushing her gifts down that were meant to be given. She hasn’t officially launched yet, but she’s working incredibly hard and I have no doubt within a year, this will be her full time gig.

Another person I know, has used this time to launch a podcast that they’ve been wanting to launch for YEARS. They knew what their passion was, but “had no time” to record an episode a few times a week, therefore, didn’t give listeners like me a chance to relate and laugh at the humor she provides. Her podcast has been getting so many viewers because not only does it provide great content… we all have T I M E to listen.

I know the days are dragging, the nights seem long, but maybe, just maybe, we can find the light in this. Do you have a bucket list you’ve been wanting to create, but didn’t have time? Have you enjoyed crafting, but never could find 30 minutes to design? What about a talk you’ve been meaning to have with your child, but could never find the right moment?

As the hours turn into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, it’s important that we find the positivity in all of this. Remaining hopeful and finding out what you love is a simple way to keep our spirits joyful.

As I wrap up here, I want you to honestly ask yourself these 3 questions and share the answers with me if you’re feeling up to it:

1.) What sets my soul on fire?

2.) If I could do anything in the world for a living, pay not a factor, what would it be?

3.) What gifts do I have, that I enjoy, can I use to help myself and others?

Let’s stop being bored and let’s go find the fire deep inside our souls.

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