Crushing it!

Welcome back to my unfolding, football obsessed, child hood cancer advocating, my dog is my best friend life. I’ve missed you too. 

It’s been three months since I last wrote a blog and I know you’re dying to figure out where I’ve been at. Well, when I finally stopped crying over the Jaguars letting Nathaniel Hackett and the NFL refs ruin my life, I decided to start working my butt off to kickstart Fourth and Gold. Can we be real? Starting a business/blog/podcast/anything but a normal 9-5 is flippin hard! The amount of hours, energy and tears I’ve put into trying to get this thing off the ground is wild. But, Gary Vaynerchuk told me to start “Crushing it!”… so I did. And I am. 

We’ll keep this first blog short and sweet. I know my attention span is about 17 seconds long, so I assume yours is too and after all, I want you to keep reading every week. 

Guys, I can’t wait to share all that has unfolded since I last wrote. I hope to inspire, encourage, make you laugh and help you to enjoy this crazy thing we call living.

p.s. Much like most of our journeys, the website is a work in progress. Bear with me. 

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