Cancer Warrior, Rosalie Snowdon

Fourth and Gold highlights a cancer warrior that has bravely and fiercely stood strong against childhood cancer. At Fourth and Gold, we want you to see the faces behind our drive and connect with them in a way you wouldn’t have been able to if you didn’t take the stand to demand #MoreThan4. Our precious kids have cancer, but cancer does not have them.


Rosalie Elaine Snowdon, diagnosed with Stage III Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma at 2.5 years old

Current Age: 2.5 (DOB 2/27/16)  

Favorite Things: Little miss Rosalie is a cat lady already 🙂 She also loves PJ Masks and her cowboy boots!

Favorite Foods: Ice cream, blueberries, broccoli (only to use as a spoon for ranch dip).. seriously! Who cannot relate to that?!

If you know Rosie, you know that she: Is an expert negotiator!! At 2.5 years old, she already knows how to get exactly what she wants… look out world!

A typical day for Rosalie includes: “Rosalie has a fairly long day most days. Mom works 2nd shift and Dad works 3rd so her mornings are relaxed spending time with Mom and Dad playing and being silly. On chemo days, we wake up extra early and spend the morning at the hospital while we get our chemo. When Mom has to go to work and Dad has to go to sleep, she goes off to Gigi’s house to spend the night.”

What you can’t see here is that Rosalie has undergone:

  • 2 separate surgeries
  • 9 chemotherapy treatments
  • Countless blood draws
  • Clinic appointments
  • Missing out on getting to live a non-medical 2.5 year old life
  • Rosie is currently on week 6 of a FORTY TWO week treatment plan
  • Rosalie’s mom on the hardest part of having a child with cancer: “Rosalie has no idea why we’re putting her through so much because she’s just too young to understand cancer.” 
  • One thing you wish people knew about Childhood Cancer: “Childhood cancer is so much more than chemo and radiation and Make A Wish and bald heads. Childhood Cancer is crying because your kid won’t eat more than a bite of food for two weeks straight. It’s worrying that every complaint of pain or discomfort could quickly land you in the ER for hours. It’s thinking about your 2.5 year old’s fertility options when she’s older. And once treatment is said and done, the worrying doesn’t end. Every rash or bruise or bump could be nothing, but it could be reoccurrence and as a cancer parent, the idea of that is absolutely heartbreaking.
  • The biggest change that we’ve experienced since diagnosis: “The overwhelming love and support from our community. We never truly knew how many people loved and cared for our family until now which is the number one thing getting us through treatment.”————————————————————————————————————————————–
Sweet, sweet Rosalie. Like 300,000 children each year, she’s been forced to take on a battle never, ever meant for her. It’s bittersweet to meet the families of childhood cancer warriors because I get to watch a miracle, an inspiration and a beautiful child come from the depths of hell, fight cancer and do it with such grace and dignity. The bitter part? That the child even has to do it to begin with. 
Childhood cancer isn’t rare. It does not discriminate. It comes like a thief in the night and it comes to kill, steal and destroy. When a child gets diagnosed with cancer, the whole family has their livelihood threatened. Because our government deems childhood cancer as “rare” it is vastly underfunded. Grossly underfunded. Tragically underfunded. To this day, the National Institute of Health gives childhood cancer research 3.8% of all cancer research funding. How can you win a fight with that? So much research funding comes from private organizations and in order to change the research world of childhood cancer, we must help them, while continuing to put pressure on the NIH. 
To help out Rosalie and sweet children like her, please do your part. Here are a few places you can donate to, private organizations that do their own funding. 
Want to do your part, but look good while doing it? These companies give to childhood cancer research based off a percentage of their profit:
Fourth and Gold -> Donates 100% of profit in September, 50% all other months and donates a warrior shirt to a child with cancer with every purchase made
Love Your Melon -> Donates 50% of profit and donates a LYM beanie to a child with cancer with every beanie sold
Head Bands of Hope -> Donates 10% of profit and donates a headband to a child with cancer with every headband sold
Online candle fundraiser sale for Rosalie and her family:
Every single bit helps children like Rosalie. Please, let’s do better and give our kids more than a 4% chance. They deserve it.
#MoreThan4 #NotRare

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  1. I love reading these post from fourth and gold My sweet Wildman Michael Reed is fighting this horrible disease .I pray for the children that are fighting this cancer .We will beat childhood leukemia 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

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