Cancer Warrior, Aubree Skye

Fourth and Gold highlights a cancer warrior that has bravely and fiercely stood strong against childhood cancer. At Fourth and Gold, we want you to see the faces behind our drive and connect with them in a way you wouldn’t have been able to if you didn’t take the stand to demand #MoreThan4. Our precious kids have cancer, but cancer does not have them.


Aubree Skye, diagnosed with Stage III Neuroblastoma at 3 years old

Current Age: 5 (DOB 11/23/13)  

Favorite Things: Sweet Aubree is like many kids her age and absolutely adores paw patrol, especially Marshall! Probably because she is one too, but Aubree loves superheroes with Batman being her favorite.

Favorite Foods: CHEESE! Give Aubree a pizza and she’ll eat all of the cheese right off it! If you want to win over Aubree with food, give her mac and cheese, hot dogs or one of our favorites too- queso dip!

If you know Aubree, you know that she: Is an adorable “hot mess” as mom would say 🙂 She goes all in- she plays hard, but she loves hard too. You’ll never question what Aubree is thinking because she’ll let you know very clearly what she does and does not like. (We could learn a thing or two from miss Aubree Skye!)

A typical day for Aubree includes: “Hanging out with her mom and little sister Kylee. Once a week she spends most of the day in the hem/onc clinic getting iv therapy for a kidney issue she got from Stem Cell Transplant.”

What you can’t see here is that Aubree has undergone:

  • Surgeries for central line placements
  • Multiple chemotherapy infusions
  • Countless blood draws
  • Taking multiple medications
  • Transfusions
  • Hair loss
  • Clinic appointments
  • Missing out on getting to live a non-medical 3-5 year old life

Aubree’s Mom, Emily, on the hardest part of having a child with cancer: “That I cant fix it. As a mom you want to fix everything for them. I’m also a nurse so
I understand a LOT of the medical side so that makes it REALLY hard as well.”

One thing you wish people knew about childhood cancer: “How underfunded it is. And as a result of the lack of funding the treatments are ridiculously outdated.”

The biggest change we’ve experienced since diagnosis: “probably the loss of “normal””


Sweet Aubree isn’t alone in her battle with neuroblastoma. 1 in 285 kids will be diagnosed with cancer and roughly 800 of those kids will be diagnosed with neuroblastoma. In 2 out of 3 cases, neuroblastoma has already spread to other parts of the body when diagnosed.

Aubree was diagnosed at 3 years old and her family would never be the same. Sacrifices were made, tears were shed, hope was lost and then found again, fear took front line… it’s nothing that a child or parent should have to experience, ever. Because our government deems childhood cancer as “rare” it is vastly underfunded. Grossly underfunded. Tragically underfunded. To this day, the National Institute of Health gives childhood cancer research 3.8% of all cancer research funding. How can you win a fight with that? Start fighting a battle with $.04 and expect you to win? The majority of childhood cancer research funding comes from private organizations that have dedicated their lives to help fund and find a cure.

To help out Aubree Skye and so many amazing warriors like her, please consider doing your part to help close the gap on funding for childhood cancer.

Cure Childhood Cancer

St. Baldricks Foundation

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Beat NB

Want to do your part, but look good while doing it? These companies give to childhood cancer research based off a percentage of their profit:

Fourth and Gold -> Donates 100% of profit in September, 50% all other months and donates a warrior shirt to a child with cancer with every purchase made

Love Your Melon -> Donates 50% of profit and donates a LYM beanie to a child with cancer with every beanie sold

Head Bands of Hope -> Donates 10% of profit and donates a headband to a child with cancer with every headband sold

If you only have $5 extra dollars this month and think it doesn’t help… think again. Every single penny helps and the intentions behind it means so much. Please, let’s do better and give our kids more than a 4% chance. They deserve it.#MoreThan4 #NotRare

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