A Historical Building Does Not Hold More Value Than A Life

April 15th 2019 is a day that will be in history books for years to come- the 856 year old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames, taking with it a long line of historic lessons, memories and miracles. The famous Cathedral has been around for 9 centuries and symbolizes restoration, renewal and hope. While I sympathize with the loss of the church and what that means, I can’t help but wonder… do everyday blue collar workers, millionaires and billionaires think children fighting cancer are worth 1 billion dollars?

As of Wednesday, April 17th, 2 days after the church went up in flames, 1 billion dollars had been raised to rebuild the church. 1 B I L L I O N dollars. In an article by ABC news, it is reported that money donations came from near and far, rich and poor. It took exactly 36 hours for people to decide that the church was worth 1 billion dollars to rebuild and had no hesitation to donate that money to make sure the historical church would indeed, live again.

Now this argument can be made for pretty much everything, but since I focus on childhood cancer research, I’ll make my argument for that.

According to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, $2,500 funds exactly one week of research for childhood cancer, which would mean $130,000 funds an entire year. So, do you see where I’m going? I’d like to believe that childhood cancer would be cured with a 1 billion dollar donation in 1.5 days.

I find it absolutely shameful that the message that is continuously being sent to childhood cancer patients is that they aren’t worth more than 4% of all research funding. That in order to get money for research, their parents have to shave their heads or host lemonade stands. The wrong message being sent is that a historical building has more value than a life. The message that so many people seem to be content with is that children’s lives are valued… but only if it’s convenient to one’s bank account or their spending habits at the time.

“Since 1980, fewer than 10 drugs have been developed for use in children with cancer –-including those specifically for children and those for both children and adult–compared with hundreds of drugs that have been developed specifically for adults. Equally important, for many of the childhood cancers, the same treatments that existed in the 1970’s continue without change as of 2014″ (The Truth 365)


It is OUR job as adults living in society to send a better message to the FUTURE of our world. It is our job to lead by example and not only hashtag #morethan4, but be the EXAMPLE. Show our kids who are FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIFE that they are worth more than the restoration of a building. And while the building is historic and holds a lot of history, it is NOT worth more than a life.

Can you do me and 43 kids that will receive a cancer diagnosis today a favor? Treat kids like some are treating the Notre Dame Cathedral, like they are worth 1 billion dollars in 1.5 days… because they are.

NBC NewsImage: Flames and smoke rise from Notre Dame in Paris on April 15, 2019


I hope this article inspires you to help “restore” the life of a child battling cancer. They deserve more funding, more treatment options and to be valued like they matter. No amount of money can be put on a human life, but if it could? It’d be worth more than 1 billion dollars in 36 hours. These companies listed below help the fight in childhood cancer; consider donating today.

Cure Childhood Cancer

St. Baldricks Foundation

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Beat NB

These companies below sell merchandise and give to childhood cancer research based off a percentage of their profit: 

Fourth and Gold -> Donates 100% of profit in September, 50% all other months and donates a warrior shirt to a child with cancer with every purchase made 

Love Your Melon -> Donates 50% of profit and donates a LYM beanie to a child with cancer with every beanie sold 

Head Bands of Hope -> Donates 10% of profit and donates a headband to a child with cancer with every headband sold

2 thoughts on “A Historical Building Does Not Hold More Value Than A Life

  1. Thank you for writing this Erin. Some our our little fighters are too young to get the message society sends, but as their parents, we definitely get it, and it breaks our hearts all the time.

  2. When Mary Magdalene poured expensive ointment on the feet of Jesus, Judas accused her of ignoring the needs of the poor. There’s room in the world for both–cancer-free children and beautiful architectural works of art & faith.
    *I’m making this statement in behalf of a friend who happens to agree with this–and who has a child with cancer.

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