3 ways to survive the remaining 2017 Jaguar season

1. Accept Blake Bortles for who he is

-It is no surprise to anyone that after 4 years in the NFL, Blake Bortles is not a good QB. Bortles has a jaw dropping 14-38 career record with a TD/INT ratio of 77/56.

-At what point did any of you think in 2017 he would MAGICALLY change into a natural thrower of the football and prove everyone wrong? Was it the 5 picks he threw (Hey Big Ben!) in the first padded practice? Or was it at the point last year where he had as many career wins as he did interceptions returned for touchdowns (11)? Just curious…

If you want to survive the remainder of the season without having to enter rehab, love and accept Blake Bortles for who he is— a good guy that sucks at his job.

2. Don’t get your hopes up for Josh Lambo to come be our savior

 -Jason Myers had clearly overstayed his welcome in Jacksonville in his short 3 year career here. In 2015, Myers was 26/30, 3 for 4 on 50+ yards, and 32/39 on PATs. In 2016 Myers was 27/34, 7/12 on 50+, and 29/32 on PAT’s. But this year, through 6 games, Myers was just 11/15, 0-3 on 50+ and 15/17 on PATs. I’m not sure how his stats line up on other teams, but on a team that has to be nearly perfect to win, Myers wasn’t doing a good enough job to stay.

-Myers replacement, Josh Lambo, has an 81.3% FG PCT while Myers had 81%, but Lambo also lost his job to a kicker who ended up losing his job (YoungHoe).

 -Set your expectations LOW and let yourself be surprised if he exceeds them. Lambo isn’t going to be the savior, but his presence is an upgrade for the fans AND the team. 

If you want to survive the remainder of the season without losing your money and your mind, don’t get your hopes up for Josh Lambo. Afterall, it would be a shame if we had to nickname him “Wideleft Lambo”

3. Learn to get yourself out of fight or flight mode

-Life as a Jaguars fan keeps you in fight or flight mode at all times during games. One minute we’re praising our team and our play calling, the next we’re calling for a firing of our QB, our K, our OC, our GM, our TE… after that, we’re crying bc Blake just threw his 2nd INT of the game. After we wipe our tears, we’re jumping up and down bc our defense scored bringing us back in the lead, but then Myers missed the game winning field goal and we crash into despair.

-Due to the wildly inconsistent play of the Jaguars, you must figure out how to control your emotions. I recommend turning off the TV, convincing yourself that the Jaguars will not win more than 6 games (avoids the playoff miss emotion), go in the backyard, throw your buddy a perfect spiral pass for a TD & know that there isn’t anyone better than you, pal!

-If you want to avoid that 4pm crash and survive the remaining 2017 season– look yourself in the mirror every single morning and tell yourself “Blake will not be the starting QB in 2018 (Hey Hey Hey Baker Mayfield!) and Jalen Ramsey is still a Jaguar.

The Jaguars next game is Sunday against the Andrew Luckless led colts. Prediction? 34-17, Jaguars. After all, it is an odd week.

The NFL is recognizing cancer awareness month in October, so naturally, we went gold. Shoutout to all of you who participated and raised awareness— you the real MVP!

— Meet Nathan—

Shortly before his 9th birthday, Nathan developed a visibly swollen lymph node on his neck with an accompanying sore throat diagnosed as strep throat. After several rounds of unsuccessful antibiotic therapy, Nathan was referred to a pediatric surgeon for a biopsy. After the biopsy results came back, Nathan and his famiy’s worst nightmare was confirmed— Nathan was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Nathan bravely endured months of IV chemotherapy and was eventually able to transition to oral chemotherapy. Nathan went from every week checkups to 3 month checkups and is now at every 6 month checkups. Nathan’s prognosis is largely contributed to research funded by the Leukemia and Lymphoma society who recognizes how valuable research is to curing pediatric cancer.

On October 15th 2017, my business, Fourth and Gold LLC had the pleasure of sending Nathan and his family to the Jaguar game to be honored as a cancer survivor.

Thank you all for the incredible support. If interested in purchasing merchandise from Fourth and Gold LLC to help send children apparel and gifts, please visit www.etsy.com/shop/fourthandgoldllc

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